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Baby swimming is the most popular activity for under 3's. The benefits of taking your baby swimming at an early age are that the stimulating effect has the potential to increase a babies’ intelligence, concentration, alertness and perception. Swimming independently also allows babies and toddlers to move through the water long before they can crawl and walk.

Starting babies at a young age is a great bonding experience for both the parent and baby.

Classes are focused on working at your babies pace, with all activities suitable for the age and development of your little one.

Lessons have been specifically written with achievable goals in mind working within natural development milestones.

Within a 30minute lesson, songs and play are used to teach basic safety skills and work on building your babies water confidence.

All lesson equipment is provided by us, bright toys are used to encourage and motivate your baby.

Submersions are taught, but we believe these should only be taught when your baby is ready. Simple water confidence tasks are taught first.

All non potty trained children must use the double nappy system at all of our pools.

The double nappy system is a disposable swim nappy, and over this you must wear a neoprene nappy. These can be purchased directly from us or from the ‘Splash about’ website.

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These lessons are aimed at children between the ages of 3 years and 5 years old.

Classes will have no more than 4 children. With both the instructor and assistant in the pool.

The lessons will teach your children independence, water confidence, water awareness and safety through structured classes.

Classes will have an emphasis on fun, with songs and games being an important part of building water confidence.

Your child will be working towards different awards and will receive reports throughout the year.

Once they have completed these levels, they will move onto our Swim Academy.

Courses run 4 times a year and are 10 weeks in length

Please note.  All non potty trained children must use the double nappy system to prevent accidents in the pool.

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Our Academy is aimed at children 5 years plus.

Classes will have on average 6 per class. Instructors will be in the water dependent on class levels.

Younger classes will also have an assistant in the water.

These classes focus on teaching all 4 strokes as well as personal survival, fins, diving and rescue skills. With 10 progressive levels for your child to complete, variety is essential.

Distance awards are a big part of our lessons. With each level your child will work towards a news distance.

Throughout the year your child will receive a progress report and award.

Courses run 4 times a year and are 10 weeks in length.

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We prefer to work with adults on an individual basis or in very small groups.

As experienced Swimming instructors we can offer advice to all levels. If you are a nervous swimmer our instructors will assist you in building your water confidence first before teaching you to swim.

We can teach adults at Highbullen Hotel or at West Buckland school.

Adult sessions are can be booked on a week by week basis.

To find out more please do contact us.

Private lessons

We offer private lessons at all of our pools. These are suitable for children from 3 years plus through to adults.

The costs for adult or private lessons are

1:1 £25.00 per 30 min session

2:1 £35.00 per 30 min session

1:1 £40.00 per 60 min session

Adult and private lessons must be booked in advance. Payment to be made before the lesson.

Cancellations must be received more than 24 hours before the booked session. Failure to do so will result in full fees being charged.